About Us

Digital PFS has been around since 2002. It was created to be a resource to help you build your business. Throughout this time, we have recorded many Super Saturdays and Leadership schools with many of the best trainers in the business. Learn from the Best of the Best so you can build a business like they did! You can find materials for just about any topic you need to help you build your business. Digital PFS is not associated with Primerica Financial Services. All of the views and opinions expressed are those of the speakers presented and not necessarily those of Primerica Financial Services.

All of our audio recordings have been edited and tweaked for the best sound quality. Some of our recordings, mostly older recordings, are not as perfect as we strive to provide. This occurs when the original recording source was not done digitally. If you listen to a recording that is not excellent audio quality, it is because we think the content is too important to building your business to just remove it from the collection - mostly recordings that are timeless and still valid in your business today. We try our best to remove audios, or parts of the audio recordings, that are not applicable today.

We add new titles every month. We also provide presentations and books to help you build your business.

We appreciate your trusting us to help you and your team. If you have any comments, please click <Contact Us> to let us know.