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The ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens book - by Dr. Denis L. Cauvier & Alan Lysaght

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The ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens (book) - by Dr. Denis L. Cauvier & Alan Lysaght

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The ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens is a groundbreaking book based on the acclaimed international Best Seller, The ABCs of Making Money.

Written specifically for teens, this book covers all the basics of making money, how to hang on to it and how to make it grow while having fun.

This common sense approach contains lots of simple, self-directed exercises and is loaded with inspirational teen success stories.

It follows the same successful formula as it's predecessor, which stressed the importance of Attitude and Goal setting as the building blocks for success in any endeavor. This inspiring book gives teenagers the motivation and tools to achieve their dreams.

For 90% of the population, the best way for someone to learn something is to take a hands-on approach. In the ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens, young people get the chance to write their thoughts and ideas all over their book. For example, there is space provided for you state your goals or your very own business ideas. This aspect makes this book a winner for young people. I have rated it 10 points and I recommend you pick it up for yourself and your friends.

So what is the ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens all about? This book has three sections and each is very relevant to teens. The first section talks about ATTITUDES and how they are the key to either your success or failure. Attitudes are everything! The book reminds us that if you think you can't do something, you won' t be able to!

But if you believe that you can achieve a goal, even though it may be tough, you will succeed! So set your goals and change negative attitudes about money into positive ones!

The second deals with the HOW Tos of money- in other words, the basics of saving and investing. It talks about the time value of money. The time value of money basically says that the more time you have to save and invest, the more money you will make with compound interest. That means that young people that start saving their money early will become financially wealthy sooner! This section tells stories of successful investors.

The third chapter deals with CREATING WEALTH through entrepreneurial ideas. There are loads of young and old entrepreneurs that are featured in this section. There are entrepreneurial ideas, direction on how to start a business, and other useful small business tips. This was a very creative chapter in that it asks you to draw out some entrepreneurial ideas that you have. It encourages you to bring those ideas to light!

The ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens is a pleasure to read. It is filled with a number of stories about teens that have made a difference. You get to hear what successful teens your age think and are doing to secure their financial freedom.

"Although this book gives great insights on how money works, its real strength is the number of inspirational stories about how ordinary kids used their imaginations and available tools to create everything from million dollar businesses to Foundations that save dying kids in third world countries" - Alan Lysaght.

"This is an opportunity to enhance levels of self-esteem and to build a sense of independence and entrepreneurialism in a whole generation, which is very exciting.  I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is sincerely interested in becoming wealthy!" - Dr. Denis Cauvier

Included inside The ABCs of Making Money for Teens is 96 pages of current and useful information in full color and written in youth friendly and relevant language. The book uses the ABCs “Common Sense” approach and covers:
    • Compound interest
    • ‘Rule of 72’
    • Power of entrepreneurship
    • Investing tips
    • Credit card dangers
    • Debt reduction
    • Hands-on exercises
    • and Inspirational, real-life teen stories

    Just for Parents: The effective and proven built-in tools included in the book are designed to help parents communicate to young people the importance of preparing for a successful financial future. The tools focus on the following concepts:

    • Preparing children for a successful financial future by example
    • Creating a family budget and sticking to it
    • Refusing to make credit card companies rich by carrying a balance
    • Avoiding Whole, or Universal Life insurance policies
    • and Setting up a long term savings plans

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